What brands do you offer?
Mix-and-match any brand and absorbency of:  Organic, Tampax, Tampax Sport, Playtex, Playtex Sport, Kotex, Kotex Fitness, Always, and Stayfree. 

How many pads and tampons will I receive?
You have the power to choose the exact quantity of tampons or pads needed to get through the month. Choose up to 12 pads or tampons or half & half with up to 10 of each.  If you have heavier periods and need your quantities adjusted contact support@mydotboxx.com after purchase and we'll help ya out! 

When will my subscription renew?
Your renewal date is 100% your call! Things happen and sticky situations are unavoidable, so if you ever need to skip a month or two...or three, simply log into your account and click "SKIP"  its just that simple! We'll also send a renewal reminder 3 days prior so the auto-pay never catches you off guard because that's so not cool.

What is your shipping policy?
***PLEASE NOTE** Your boxx or bag will not ship immediately.**  When subscribing to the Adult or Teen Dot Boxx, please be mindful that subscription boxes are not the same as shopping online at say, Old Navy or Target. There is no warehouse of boxes housed or stock awaiting purchases - once boxes are gone - that’s it. Because of the self-care products, items are curated months in advance. Therefore, these boxxes WILL NOT ship immediately unless an announcement has been made that extra boxes are available for the current month. To guarantee the current month’s Teen or Adult Dot Boxx you must purchase your box by the 15th of the previous month. For example, April 16 - May 15 guarantees a June boxx). Your boxx will ship within 48 hours of the ship date selected on your survey. If your box renews on a Sunday it will ship Monday. You will always receive a shipping confirmation when your bag or boxx is on the way! 

What’s the difference between the Essentials Bag and Dot Boxx?
The essentials bag includes 1 (2-4oz) personal care item, a mini snack pack, period essentials and optional extras (hormonal tea, liners and pain relievers) for $19.99. Dot Boxx comes 3 full size with self care items, a snack pack, period essentials, and optional extras (hormonal tea, fun tea flavor of the month, disposable heat pad, liners and pain relievers) for $39.99. Both ship free within the US. 

What’s the difference between the Teen and Adult Dot Boxx?
Teen Boxxes are curated for elementary-high school; Adult Boxxes are curated for 18+; however, maturer girls 17+ can also enjoy items in the adult boxx if our College Care Package is not an option. Teen Boxxes tend to have more fruity scents, acne breakout items and teen-ish products; while the Adult Dot Boxx tends to have a broader array of fragrances, skincare items and daily use products. The selection of a teen boxx is solely up to the parent and the maturity of the recipient. 

What’s the difference between the Teen Dot Boxx and College Care Package?
Our College Care Package includes a broader range of items. There is no theme to the products included, items are considered everyday products and are sourced to ensure the recipient's personal care needs are met for the month. All items are full-size (by the manufacturer or maker's definition of full-size) and include the following: shaving products (creams & razors); body wash, body lotion, deodorant, toothpaste, loofah, snacks and period essentials.  

What types of snacks do you include in the box?
Snack selection varies monthly. Snacks range from various chocolate bars, chips, cookies, trail mix, fruit snacks, s’mores, cakes etc. During warmer months (May-September) we avoid solid chocolate bars as they tend to melt in transit and make for a messy customer experience. From time-to-time we will include a full bag of goodies in your box (Skinny Cow, Godiva etc) to shake things up a bit. When a full bag of goodies are included, the bag is your sole snack for the month. ***Summer heat is unavoidable. Before opening any chocolate, we suggest popping it in the freezer or frig for about 15-20 to avoid it oozing out of the packaging and staining your clothes or upholstery.**  

Where do you ship? 
We ship internationally. 

Can I cancel my subscription anytime?
Absolutely! Simply log into your account and cancel― no questions asked. If you purchased a discounted prepaid package and cancel mid-receipt, you will still receive the remaining boxes as there are no partial refunds. We are not responsible for renewals that are not canceled. You must log in your account and personally cancel your subscription.

May I purchase a one time box?
The business model for subscription boxes is reoccurring. We offer one time prepaid packages for 3, 6 and 12 months that never renew; but not a one time boxx. However, our boxes come with no commitment so you can cancel at anytime, even after the receipt of your first boxx.

Why do you ask for my phone number at checkout?
We ask this for order efficiency purposes only. If we have a question about your boxx, we’ll simply send you a text. You can opt out of this service by not providing your cell phone number at checkout.

What is your return policy?
Due to the nature of products, we do accept returns. If a product arrives spilled or broken, please contact support@mydotboxx.com and we will do our best to offer a replacement.

What is your refund policy?
We will gladly offer a refund within 24 hours of any purchase/subscription. Again, we do not offer partial refunds on prepaid packages. Canceling your box will not generate an automatic refund, as its normal for folks to try a boxx before subscribing. If you cancel within the 24 hour window and wish to receive a refund you must submit your request to support@mydotboxx.com. If the 24 hour window has expired, your first boxx will be your first and your last.

Why is my promo code working?
All promotional codes are up to date. If your code is not working it has expired, is valid for subscriptions only, a one time purchase or vice versa.

What happens if I forget to personalize my boxx?
We will make one attempt to contact you. If your boxx is not personalized by your chosen ship date you will receive our generic option of:
Adult: 8 Always Ultra-Thin Long Super w/Wings + 4 Tampax Regular + 3 liners
Teen: 8 Always Radiant Teen w/Wings + 2 liners

I have food and/or skin allergies, is there any way to accommodate these?
We do not accommodate food or skin allergies at this time. We try our best to include a mixture (dark chocolate, milk chocolate, gluten free, nut free, and vegan etc) but your boxx may in fact include snacks, skincare, beauty and bath products that include common allergens, such as peanuts, tree nuts, soy, milk, eggs, and wheat. Users concerned about allergies are responsible for reading product labels and must be aware and utilize the recipes, products and contents at their own risk.

Need to Contact Us? Here’s the when & how...
Monday-Saturday 10am- 6pm EST

Support is also closed in observance of the following holidays: MLK Jr Day, Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve + Christmas Day, and New Years Eve + New Years Day

Email: support@mydotboxx.com
Text Support: (770) 824-6254
Instant Messenger: That little blue button in the right corner of your screen

*disposable heat pad is not included in basic boxx(es)