When is the auto-renewal date?
US subscriptions renew the 15th of each month; Canadian & international subscriptions renew the 30th of each month, all until canceled.

Can I cancel my subscription anytime?
Yes, absolutely! Simply log into your account and cancel― no questions asked. If you purchased a discounted package and cancel mid-receipt, you will still receive the remaining boxes as there are no partial refunds. If you have already been billed for this month’s boxx, your next boxx will be the last. We are not responsible for renewals that are not canceled.

Why do you ask for my phone number at checkout?
We ask this for order efficiency purposes only. If we have a question about your boxx, we’ll simply send you a text. You can opt out of this service by not providing your cell phone number at checkout.

What is your return policy?
Due to the nature of products, we do accept returns. If a product arrives spilled or broken, please contact support@mydotboxx.com and we will do our best to offer a replacement.

What is your refund policy?
We will gladly offer a refund within 48 hours of any purchase/subscription. Again, we do not offer partial refunds on pre-paid packages. Lastly, canceling your box will not generate an automatic refund, as its normal for folks to try a boxx before subscribing. If you cancel within the 48 hour window and wish to receive a refund please submit your request to support@mydotboxx.com. If the 48 hour window has expired, your first boxx will be your first and your last.

What is your shipping policy?
You have two shipping options: beginning of the month (ships 1st-5th) or middle of the month (ships 9th-12th) ― you decide. This months boxx is only guaranteed when you subscribe/purchase on/before the 15th of the previous month (October 16-November 15 guarantees a December box). Please understand that subscription boxxes are different from shopping at (say) Old Navy or Target. Products are curated in advance, and while we always plan for extra, there is no way to predict exactly how many extra will be needed.

Why is my promo code working?
All promotional codes are up to date. If your code is not working it is valid for subscriptions only, not one time purchases or vice versa.

What happens if I forget to personalize my boxx?
We will make two attempts to contact you before shipping your boxx. If
unsuccessful, you will receive our generic option:
Adult (6 Always Ultra-Thin Long Super w/Wings + 6 Tampax Regular
Tampons) and Teen (8 Always Radiant Teen Pads w/Wings)

What brands do you offer?
We currently offer Organic, Tampax, Tampax Sport, Playtex, Playtex Sport, Kotex, Kotex Fitness, Always, Always Infinity, and Stayfree. Choose up to 15 pads or tampons or the half & half with up to 12 of each.

Why do you not offer free US shipping?
As much as we’d love to offer free shipping, we simply cannot. We donate a portion of our monthly sales to female-focused causes which is pretty important to us, so free US shipping is our give-or-take. We were able to donate 2,500 period essentials to Houston during Hurricane Harvey relief, so its causes like that which confirm our belief that donating to a good cause trumps free shipping. We do (however) cover roughly 27% of US shipping costs per box. Pre-paid packages receive a deeper discount of up to 100%.

There are two ways to look at it (1) you can walk away from a really great boxx that values about double, and sometimes triple, what you paid for it; or (2) you can receive a really great boxx and also give to a good cause, effortlessly making a difference in a deserving person’s life... all because you paid for shipping (:

I have food and/or skin allergies, is there any way to accommodate these?
With the exception of nut allergies, we do not have the ability to accommodate additional allergies at this time. We’ve tried; however, accommodating hundreds of allergies in such a personal boxx increases the chance for human error which is no fun for either of us. We include a variety of items each month; and while we hope you can enjoy them all,
on the months you cannot, please feel free to pass the item(s) on to a friend, co-worker or family member.