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What’s the difference between a bag or boxx with or without period essentials? 
A bag or boxx without period essentials contains no pads, tampons, hormonal tea, liners, heat pad, pain relievers or feminine wipes. They contain only the snacks and hand-picked products for the curated month. Its a perfect option for teens or adults who want the box, but don't need the essentials. 

What’s the difference between the Basic Bag and Dot Boxx?
The Basic Bag includes 1 (2-4oz) hand-picked product, snacks, period essentials and optional extras (hormonal tea, liners and pain relievers) for $19.99. Dot Boxx includes up to 5 hand-picked products, snacks, period essentials, and optional extras (tea, disposable heat pad, liners and pain relievers) for $39.99. 

Do you offer one time boxes?
Why, yes we do! As long as you purchase by the 10th of the month you're guaranteed next months boxx. So, there is no need to subscribe then freak out when you forget to cancel. Give us a try or come back whenever you want. We're not going anywhere!

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