About Us

Hey Beautiful!

Welcome to Dot Boxx! You'll find very quickly that we're not your average period boxx. We go beyond pads and tampons and cross our fingers each month that we don't miss the mark.

Allow me to virtually introduce myself, I'm Shonna, the girl who started this bright and colorful movement of pampered periods and snack packs; and the person who packs your boxxes and send love notes ever so often (yes, I'm a perfecionist so no one touches the boxes but me haha). 

Here's how Dot Boxx began. My daughter started her period summer of 2016. I did a little online research on ways to make a girl feel special during that time and came across subscription boxes. I ordered her a first period box and was SOOOO excited for it to arrive. So when it came we sat on her bed while she unboxed it and while she was excited to get mail, I was like, "I paid $64 for this...?" She begged to continue receiving the box and I agreed as long as she maintained her A/B honor roll status.

I'm a frugal, single mom of 3 so that box was way outside of my budget. So what girlfriend didn't know was that I was recycling the box every month and curating products myself, leaving the box on the front step before I left for work. About 4 months in I came clean because this mystery box owner was not going to continue getting songs, dances and praises for my hard work. That evening, I wondered what it would be like to do this for other teens. The thought of teens progressed to adults. We had a "name that box" contest at dinner and my then 21-year-old son blurted "Dot Boxx!" we all agreed and Dot Boxx was born.

I'm often asked why we don't have fancy-smancy boxes. Here's the scoop...I am a very simple person who likes minimalism so everything about the box; the plain kraft material (brown is my favorite color) and the salutation sticker (because I'm the first person say "Hey!" to everyone when I enter a room) is simple, but more importantly, it's 100% me! When you see "Hey Beautiful!" on your doorstep, porch or stoop you know exactly what it is... and what woman doesn't want to be greeted as "beautiful"― right? 

They say when you love what you do it shows, and I whole-heartedly enjoy curating these boxes for you each and every month. We sprinkle them with good vibes and send them your way crossing our fingers, toes, arms and eyes with hopes that you enjoy them! 

Dot Boxx | Proud, Woman-Owned Small Business