About Us

Hey Beautiful!

Welcome to Dot Boxx! You'll find very quickly that we're not your average period box.

Allow me to virtually introduce myself, I'm Shonna, the girl who started this bright and colorful movement of pampered periods and snack packs; and the person who packs your boxes monthly and send love notes ever so often (yes, every girl needs a reminder of how awesome she is...). 

Here's how Dot Boxx began. My daughter started her period summer of 2016. I did a little online research on ways to make a girl feel special during that time and came across subscription boxes. I ordered her a first period box and was SOOOO excited for it to arrive. So when it did, we sat on her bed for the grand unboxing. She was beyond excited pulling out single-sized tootsie rolls and mini moon pies (she eats neither by the way), all awhile I was like, “I paid $64 for this...?" 

She begged to continue receiving the box, but it was the cost of my electric bill so I couldn't afford it (every month). We eventually made a deal and agreed to keep the boxes coming as long as she maintained A/B honor roll grades and did her chores without reminders. 

I'm a frugal, single mom of 3 so that box was way outside of my budget. What girlfriend didn't know was that I was recycling the box every month and curating products myself, leaving it on the front step before I left for work. She began telling her friends about this box then their moms purchased subscriptions for them, then their moms began subscribing so I was like, wait a minute, but still not ready to blow my cover. 

Four months in I came clean because this box was not going to continue getting songs, dances and praises for my hard work. That evening, I wondered if I could do this myself. The thought of teens progressed to adults. We had a "name that box" contest at dinner one evening, my oldest son came up with Dot Boxx, and the vision began!

I am often asked if the extra x in boxx means anything; between us, it’s only there because the domain for dotbox.com was taken so I added an extra x. It was not only available, but cheaper, so I snagged it! Moral of the story, you can’t stop a woman with a plan.

I'm also asked why we don't have fancy-smancy custom boxes. Here's the scoop, I am a pure minimalist, plus brown is my favorite color so the plain kraft box is SO me. Also, I can be a bit of a rebel when it comes to products and don’t like restrictions. Our boxes don’t limit us to what we can and cannot include in your box. They are made in thousands of sizes which means there are thousands of possibilities for a great box. The salutation sticker greets you with a loud southern “Hey!" because I’m usually the first person to yell “Hey y’all” when entering a room. I added beautiful because what woman wouldn’t want to be greeted with “Hey Beautiful!" after a long day ― right?

They say when you love what you do, it shows. I am a REAL person. In saying that, I totally understand working 10-12 hours days then hauling kids to practice 3-4 days a week. I totally get tripping over my shoes because you’re too tired to pick them up or forgot you left them there. I sneak and eat fast food on the way home from work, toss the evidence, then drive the rest of the way home with the windows down so the kids won't know. I say a few choice words when I pay a bill and the next one comes in the mail the VERY next day like really, I just paid this #%*!

I enjoy the relationships built in our squad where my customers have felt comfortable enough to message or email me to vent about life, bills, kids, work or even ask me which outfit looks better for your first date in 6 years. We're in this together girl!

I do not take you spending your hard earned money lightly... EVER. Every month I find myself thinking “oh, Sarah would like this or Tangela just asked a question about this in the Facebook group”. You are totally in back of mind when sourcing products and I refuse to just throw anything in a box. I curate every box as if I'm sending a care package to a friend. I sprinkle them with good vibes and send them off with a smile (and crinkle paper in my hair). 

Life isn’t equal or easy for everyone, I’ve been there several times over so giving back is important to me. We donate every single proceed from our Fun Main Shop to a female-focused charity or cause. 

In closing, thanks to every-single human who has purchased a box. Because of you, we have donated over 6,300 period essentials and 140+ free box to women and girls in need. You're all rock stars and I am honored to have serviced you.

Proud Woman-Owned Small Business ❤️