Adult Box

Adult Box

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Please do not select a brand if your preference is TAMPONS ONLY

Dot Boxx is a fun, convenient pad and tampon service that also includes hand-picked surprises and snacks delivered monthly. Boxes available with, or without period essentials making it a great box for EVERYONE!

Each month you’ll receive:

  • A neatly, hand-packed care package specific to you  
  • Optional pads and/or tampons, plus comforting extras
  • Up to 5 carefully, curated hand-picked surprises
  • Full-size comforting snacks 

After completing your order, you will receive an order confirmation via email that contains the survey link to personalize your boxx.

Customer Reviews

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Summer diva (June to July)

Thank you for supplying my every needs from shade to cool and hydrated.

Love this box!

The way the owners curate this box is genius! They think about everything and add items that you'll definitely use and will need! I love the love and care they put into this box. For July they included a handheld fan that I am using daily, giant body wipes, a tumbler that's my favorite go to cup now for icy drinks and a lot more!

Love, very useful and practical items

I love that I have been able to put the items that I received to use, the snacks were great and I love that I can pick my period essentials

very happy with my first box :)

Grear box

Always amazing!!

Amazing fun box

I absolutely loved my Dot Boxx, they pack so much fun products in this box. I love that they include all the little extras like snacks and i really loved the fan bottle perfect for this hot weather when your out at the beach, amusement park to get cooled off as well as the cooling towel they do such an amazing job on there boxes, I really enjoyed it.