6 Months of Adult Boxes

6 Months of Adult Boxes

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Fun mail delivered right to your door monthly! Select the box that’s perfect for you, here’s the deeds:

Lifestyle Boxx: Why limit yourself when you can have a little of everything? Apparel, bath and skincare essentials, stationary, homegoods, candles and more... PLUS there will be snacks... YUM! 

Period Boxx: Receive the same lifestyle experience PLUS pads and/or tampons. It’s like 2 boxes in 1! $4 bucks per box for 25+ period essentials... SCORE!

Themes and products vary monthly. 

        After completing your order, you will receive an order confirmation via email that contains the survey link to personalize your box.


        Customer Reviews

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        The box was great!

        Great Products!

        I always love the curated boxes this mother-daughter team comes up with each month. One of my favorite subscription boxes! Keep up the good work!!

        The BEST self care box EVER...

        This is my FAVORITE self care/lifestyle box. Dot Boxx has you covered when it’s “that time of the month” .... if you have your period or not, this box makes you smile from the inside out and feel good!! If you are one of the lucky ones who do not have a period, you can opt out of the period essentials OR keep them for guest, give them to one who does need them or donate to a women’s shelter... either way you will love this box!!!

        Always a great box

        This box is more then a period essentials box. Of course it has everything you need for that time of the month and there is always yummy snacks but this box also has amazing products. The theme of the box always gives you a confidence boost and the personal touches make you feel as though the box was curated just for you. As you unbox the box you find yourself smiling the whole time and every product is something you will most definitely use. I truly think this is the best women’s subscription box! Plus you can opt out of the period essentials if you don’t have your period anymore and it is just a feel good awesome subscription box.


        6 Months of Adult Dot Boxx