Adult Dot Boxx + Teen Dot Boxx-  5% Savings!

Adult Dot Boxx + Teen Dot Boxx- 5% Savings!

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This bundle includes an Adult Dot Boxx + Teen Dot Boxx. 

Both boxxes include:

  • Up to 4 hand-picked products 
  • period essentials
  • comforting snacks
  • optional extras (disposable heat pad, pain relievers, feminine wipes & liners)

Bundle is available with or without period essentials. Personalizing your boxx is 100% your call. YOU select your renewal/ship date. Boxxes do not have to ship on the same date. YOU select the exact number of pads and/or tampons needed; and YOU select any extras you want included in your boxx. So whoever told you the world doesn't revolve around you were wrong honey! In our world, it totally does.

After completing your order, you will receive an order confirmation via email that contains the survey link to personalize your boxxes. Select any boxx first, once completed, you will be prompted to personalize your second boxx.