Adult Dot Boxx

Adult Dot Boxx

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Please do not select a brand if your preference is TAMPONS ONLY

Dot Boxx is a fun, convenient pad and tampon service that also includes hand-picked surprises and snacks delivered monthly. Boxes available with, or without period essentials making it a great box for EVERYONE!

Each month you’ll receive:

  • A neatly, hand-packed care package specific to you  
  • Optional pads and/or tampons, plus comforting extras
  • Up to 6 carefully, curated hand-picked surprises
  • Full-size comforting snacks 

No period essentials = $39.99 + $5.00 shipping 
With period essentials = $44.99 + $5.00 shipping

Why do we charge shipping? Well, because we don't ship itty-bitty boxes girl! But, we do split the cost with ya, covering roughly 35% of the cost, depending on where you're located. $5.00 shipping is for US continental states only.  

After completing your order, you will receive an order confirmation via email that contains the survey link to personalize your boxx.

P.S. Surprises include skincare, apparel, trending accessories, fragrances, books, journals, body care products, etc. All products are practical, everyday items curated to provide a cohesive experience for you to enjoy all month long.



Customer Reviews

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February box

This was my first dot boxx ever. I was so excited when I got it! It was so fabulous!! I loved everything in my box and can't wait to get my March box! What you girls do is beyond amazing!

Love it!

This was the first period subscription box that I've been a part of that was tailored to all your needs and wants! While I love being surprised, I was pretty satisfied with my box!

I’m in love

I been getting a lot of subscription boxes the past year or two. I’m in love with this box it doesn’t feel like some company threw a bunch of useless stuff together. This box felt soo personalized and the love I felt opening this box. Made my heart happy(which I got my box of valentine’s day this month). You guys are amazing an i have already told all my family and friends about this box. I’m a customer for life! Keep up all the great work lady’s. ❤️ Erinn from Pittsburgh

My First DotBoxx

I absolutely loved this box!! I have been subscribed to several boxes, and this is by far the best. It was so personalized, and I loved every single item. On one of the surveys on the Facebook group, I voted that I didn’t care for one of the items. In my box they did not include that item, instead they gave me something different! They went above and beyond by looking at my comment and picking something different for me. I love this box!!


Adult Dot Boxx