Personalizing your Dot Boxx

Hey girlie,

Let’s talk personalizations. We believe personalizations are a pretty cool service that no other period box offers. We'd like to explain how it works with a few examples...

Let’s begin with snacks. All snacks are universal apart from maybe 1 or 2 items bi-monthly when we try to throw in something listed on your survey that you really enjoy. Meaning, one month everyone will receive identical snacks; another month 20% may receive Rice Krispy Treats; 20% receive Reece’s; 20% receive popcorn …. etc etc. this is all based on your survey. You tell us what you like and we try to give you exactly that. Every box is so personalized that we can’t do it every month, but we try to do it as often as possible.

Here’s an example. If Sister A receives a bag of chips and Sister B receives a bag of pretzels, it’s because Sister A listed under the snack question “Please don’t ever send pretzels,” – or something of the sort. If Co-Worker A receives a granola bar and Co-Worker B receives a Luna bar, it’s because Co-Worker A told us “My least favorite thing in the world is granola. Please avoid when possible,” – or something of the sort. So, if it’s a personalized snack month where we include an item from your favorite snack question, we can send chips or avoid granola; if you skip the question or say “I like everything” or “It doesn’t matter” we are going to send you the majority snack for the month – makes sense?

Now, let’s talk YouTube. Just as no period is the same, boxes will not always be the same. We have customers who prefer only junk food snacks so we try to oblige (when applicable). We have customers who prefer only salty sweet snacks, so we try to oblige (when applicable), but here’s where it gets tricky… YouTube and vlogging. Let’s say Sister A posts a video with her chips and another subscriber sees it… she comments “I didn’t receive chips, I received pretzels.” Then we receive an email “I just saw a YouTube video and the person received chips. I would have much rather receive chips.”

Here’s other examples of how others have personalized their boxes:

  • “May I receive extra pain relievers in lieu of the other extras on odd number months? I travel for work on these months and flying induces migraines?” (so this person will receive a tube of Advil instead of packets on odd number months)
  • “I’m on a Keto diet, may I not receive snacks or an extra heating pad or self-care item?” (so this person would receive no snacks but 2 heating pads, and maybe a sheet mask and/or lip balm in addition to the other themed self-care items to supplement the retail value of snacks)
  • “I share my essentials with my daughter so could you make my tampons more light absorbency instead of splitting 3 ways? Also, instead of tea and liners could I receive an extra Advil packet for her instead? If you can take away one of my snacks and send a kid-friendly snack ever so often would be great also.” (so, this person would not receive tea or liners and we'd include 1-2 extra kid-friendly snacks for her daughter, so that’s 4 Advil packets and 2 totally different extra snacks in addition).

These are all true, but slightly reworded examples. Can you imagine the confusion and frustration these YouTube unboxing videos would cause … oh-my-word LOL.

We ask questions on the survey to learn more about you:

  • If you’re a mom with small kids at home (we know to send light sass items, when applicable)
  • If you’re a nurse (we know you work long hours and will enjoy relaxation items more)
  • If you’re a military spouse (we’ll know to send words of encouragement and thanks ever so often)
  • If you’re a teacher (we may sneak in a few teacher appreciation month treats)
  • If you prefer showers (not everyone takes baths or have time to take baths so we won’t waste your money sending a bath bomb you’ll never use)

There will be snack-heavy boxes from time-to-time because we have customers who prefer those; there will be self-care heavy boxes from time-to-time because we have customers who prefer those. Then there will be months where there’s a healthy mix of the two. We have to mix things to keep the boxes fresh and fun and to encourage you to try new things. 

Survey links are always available to update when your preferences, likes or dislikes change. You can update them as often as you’d like. If you have questions, please feel free to respond to this email and we’ll get back to you within 24 business hours.

With gratitude,